Embroidery and Graphics

The following are some technical details to consider when supplying artwork to be embroidered:

1. TEXT: Embroidered text cannot have a height smaller than 4mm, and a column width of narrower than 1mm. 







2. GRAPHICS: Details within your graphic also require similar considerations. Small details should be at minimum 1mm in height and width, including any outlines to your graphic.


3. UPLOADED ARTWORK: In order to best create an embroidery, a 'vector' artwork file is required. 

If you would like to be able to edit the colors of your logo within our builder, please use an editable PDF, EPS, PNG or SVG. Most of these types of files allow for the builder to break apart the colors for you to edit, but depending upon how they were built or saved, editing within the builder may not be possible.

Vector images are made of thin lines and curves knows as paths, which means they can be sized and scaled without losing resolution or beginning to look blurry or pixelated. These are the best option to ensure that your embroidery matches the artwork as close as possible.

Raster images are made of pixels, and like a photograph, they become blurry when you zoom in. Raster files are difficult to create embroidery from, and will result in an embroidery that most likely will not match the artwork.

If your artwork does not meet these required minimum technical details for clean embroidery, our customer service team will reach out to you to discuss your options which include:

a. suggestions on how you can modify your graphic
b. a possible modification on our end to ensure quality embroidery
c. cancellation and full refund of your order


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